Together we can reduce our energy consumption and use our resources responsibly. Not only the federal government is calling for energy savings, we are too. Every kilowatt hour of gas conserved today can be saved for the coming winter. And every kilowatt hour of electricity conserved today will reduce the use of gas to produce electricity.

With our energy-saving tips, protecting your own wallet but also the climate is so easy. #ItMakesMoreOfADifference.


Saving electricity in the kitchen

How big is the actual difference between the energy efficiency class A++ and A+++? With refrigerators this may account for around 30% of your energy consumption. Buying an appliance in a higher efficiency class is therefore advisable. You can find more electricity-saving tips to do with the kitchen here in the gallery.

Saving electricity in the bathroom

Potential savings can also be found in the bathroom, which will reduce your electricity consumption and therefore your energy costs.

Saving energy with electronic devices

Whether smartphones, laptops, tablets or TV - electronic devices have become an indispensable part of our everyday life. When it comes to electricity consumption, here are some easy to implement tips.

Efficient heating makes a big difference

Did you know that a defective radiator thermostat may cause up to 60 cents of heating costs per day? This can be remedied quickly by replacing it and it pays for itself after just two weeks. Interested? Click through our heat-saving tips and find out about other measures that will protect your wallet and the climate.


Saving heating energy when ventilating

What do cats and our ventilation tips have in common? Right. Our feline friends are the real experts when it comes to window seals. 


Saving energy when consuming water

About 14% of our energy consumption is used to prepare hot water. From brushing your teeth in the morning to a load of laundry, there are many large and small potential savings you can make in your routine, which we have summarised for you.